Exploring the Florida Everglades

We recently had a non-rainy day here in Miami and used that opportunity to drive down to the Everglades. If you are a fan of the outdoors, this should different be a bucket list item for you.

The Everglades, even for a Wetland, has so much beautiful wildlife and scenery. You really feel at peace as you are walking and hearing the sounds of nature. It’s almost as nothing else matters as you are engaged in such a wonderful environment.

Of course, we took some time to take photos. Feel free to check them out. – L & A


Trip to Key West

This past weekend, we took a trip to Key West and were able to relax and explore the area.

It was wonderful to have this time to forget about the stress from the previous week and what’s to come in the following weeks, and just focus on the here and now.

One of our favorite moments was our stroll along Sunset Pier. With the sun setting, we saw that as the perfect opportunity to take out our cameras and capture some nice photos.

See below the fun we had. – L&A

Beautiful array of lighting on the water
Admiring the green lit water
Watching the Sunset
Sun setting over Sunset Key
Reflection over the water
“Beer’s” eye view
Cute family having a moment

Welcome to L & A Photography

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Hi there,

Welcome to L & A Photography.

The purpose of this blog is display our photography to viewers who can see our art as a way to reduce daily stress.

One thing we all have in common, is that we all get stressed. Whether it is work or personal responsibilities, it is part of normal life and something we try our very best to work through.

So next time you’re feeling stressed (or even if you’re not), come and explore L & A Photography.

Feel free to like, comment, or share each post. Most important, use our art as a way to eliminate the stress in your life.

Yours Truly,

L & A